Exclusive Interview of

KARINA SCHELDE - SOUL VOICE ®​ method founder

Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde. The Soul Voice® method has been taught to thousands of people worldwide for the last two decades.

Soul Voice® is an invitation to dive deeper into the VOICE we may have forgotten, but that our soul remembers. Let it reveal to you your soul’s infinite wisdom, truth & freedom

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During this interview, you will discover: 

  • What is Soul Voice ® ?
  • The uncredible power of your voice.
  • How your voice can be a healing tool
  • Links between energies, spirituality and Soul Voice® 
  • How to start to heal with your voice
  • How did it all begin with the fantastic story of Karina

Time: 30 minutes

To go further with Soul Voice®

Discover the international agenda of Karina and all practitioners of the Soul Voice® method.

video atelier soul voice

“Liberate the voice to experience your ultimate potential” & “Sound & Movement” by Karina Schelde (45 minutes each) In these videos you will receive clear instructional tools to start using your voice potential through Soul Voice® practices, either practicing in your own home or in nature. These practices may enhance your overall wellbeing significantly. They are an introduction to the Soul Voice® method, a unique modality that engages all levels of human existence & consciousness, emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. It is an excellent first step to the method before eventually being inspired to receive a Soul Voice® session or joining a workshop. Also use these treasures to complement your already existing practice.

Exclusive interview of

Karine Schelde Soul Voice® founder :

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